Mr. Octopus

Hobby Project 2016

I created an interactive nightlight for an electronics learning project. The nightlight utilizes a photoresistor to react to its surroundings. When the ambient light is bright, the nightlight turns off. As the ambient light dims, the nightlight gradually turns on. In full darkness, the nightlight brightens and dims in a gentle breathing pattern. I created an Instructable for this project here.

My custom PCB and all the components for the Mr. Octopus nightlight.

Layout of the printed circuit board.

I generated the octopus shell in Grasshopper for Rhino. I designed the PCB in Eagle to fit perfectly inside the octopus body. The PCB contained an ATTiny microcontroller, a photoresistor, LEDs, a recharging circuit for the LiPo battery, and header pins to reprogram the microcontroller. Everything, including the LiPo battery, fit within the octopus body.

The assembled PCB with battery.