Mr. Octopus

I realized I haven't written anything in over a month, but a lot has been happening! Aside from the normal grind of work and regular life things that just eat up time, I've been pouring my energy into finishing up an electronics learning project. I actually started this project awhile ago (let's not say EXACTLY how long it's been...), but it turns out learning new skills takes much longer when you're no longer a full-time student. So, with much perseverance and electronics assistance from my fella, I've managed to create an interactive nightlight. Kinks and bugs are yet to be worked out, but I've definitely made a lot of progress. I present to you, Mr. Octopus!

3D print and PCB designed by yours truly. Shout out to OSH Park for fabricating these awesome boards! As you can see, this revision needed a little debugging (not to mention it started smoking when I tried to program it). The newer revision is in the works. I can see the finish line!